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Snack Bar

Snack Bar Policies and Procedures

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Snack Bar Rules Review

  • Managers need to unlock the snack bar for their volunteers
  • The key codes should not be shared with volunteers.
  • No more than two people in the snack bar at all times at all of the snackbars except RRSP. RRSP requires four volunteers to work the snackbar.
  • One volunteer MUST  be an adult.
  • Only members of your team should be working your assigned shift. NO OUTSIDE WORKERS. Ultimately your team is responsible for your scheduled shift and the cash drops during that time.
  • Use of volunteer students
    • Must be 16 years of age or older
    • Must be supervised by an Adult  
    • Adult must sign them in and sign them out
  • If a board member sees that an adult is not present, the game will be stopped until an adult resumes oversight of the snack bar.
  • No one under the age of 16 is allowed in the snack bar per the City of Temecula
  • There is no FREE food given for volunteers or anyone.
  • Umpires may have a water if they are working a game at that time.


These rules help keep the snack bars safe for us all. They protect the league and our student/adult volunteers. If there are violation to the rules, the manager of the team may suffer the consequences of the violation.

Snack Bar Schedule

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